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Furry/Anti-furry Drama *sick of it all*

I do the furry thing, but only as much in the way of the comic I do and the money that I can earn with my art. What can I say? Under this fleshy exterior of skin, scars, and one easily distracted attention span beats the heart of a true capitalist. However... I really gotta wonder about people and the drama they create. *eye twitch* Too many thin skins out there that can't LET GO of their issues or need to defend themselves with the tenaciaty of a rabid mongoose.
A deleted LJ post that deals with furries and Philly for an upcoming convention.

It's things like this that make me hide my face and disavow any knowledge of said sub-culture. Really, there are sometimes when I just want to smack around the furs I know and the anti-furs I know and tell them just to let it goooooooooooooooooooo. *holds her head* I really don't need the little msg's that say "oooh... look what your fur-iends are getting into now." You know... I don't bloody well care. They want to engulf themselves in a flamewar and look like dumbasses, the whole lot of them, let 'em. I have better things to do. Some furs can't be reasoned with, some anti-furs can't be reasoned with. Shout all you like, it won't matter and you'll be wasting time and energy. I mean really, how important is it to be right all the time?

I only have one thought after reading through what I could of that posting... please don't feed the trolls.
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Know something? You and your mate are the first furs that I have known that weren't insane. I have run into several "furs" and they all were just a shade off.

I am glad to know that it's not just my communities that have issues. *smirks*
hun, the furry "community" IS issues. XS
Yes- as is the Goth community and the Pagan community.

I think any time you get a large and VERY loosely organized group of people together it becomes "Issues". Maybe that should be a new term?

I am part of the Gothic "issues"- It's a lot like community, only with a lot more drama.
good gods og hell, i can only imagine the kind of dramawangst the goth community — 'scuse me, issues — spawns. and i know what the pagans give birth to. not pretty.

issues. yeah. i like it.
I have retired from the Pagan movement. I have kept myself secluded from as many groups as possible.

I am a solitary that sometimes hangs out with others until I find a "family" of my own.

It's become a thing. *grins*
That's because we're wholly grounded and live this thing called "reality." Like... holding down jobs, paying bills, and socializing with a diverse collection of souls and personalities in many different social circles.

Besides, if I want to indulge fantasy life, I break out the spurs and crop.
Yay for spurs and crops!!
no shit.

see this is whyyyyy i just stick to the art. that's it. no forums, as few communities/clubs as possible — hells, i don't even mention i draw anthros to most of the people i meet/know irl.

the mind just...BOGGLES at the number of people who have devoted their online lives to leeping this shit going [ugh, it's five in the morning and i can't think of the proper term]. much less at those who seem to do it FOR PLEASURE.

and i thought those coti dickwads were bad.
I went to Anthrocon last year and the rampant public drama was absolutely horrific. I kept thinking to myself "Furs wonder why peeps pick on the fandom so much... curb yourselves!"

But no... too many people want to be special... *breaks out the little yellow school bus* Got the limo waiting!