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there aren't enough bullets in baghdad to cover this.

the stars are a-shinin',
the furs are a-whinin',
and everything is right in the world.

jesus fuck. why do we have to be designed to run on this shit?

furry equals bizarre sex fetishes.
furries advocate bestiality.
furries are paedophiles.
furries are the gayest of the gay.
furries are born to whine.
furries have skin thinner than kleenex and are twice as snotty.
furries are vain beasts.
furries are attention whores.
furries are just misunderstood.
furries are drama addicts.
furries are what's wrong with the world.
furries are hypocrites who constantly whine about whining.

::spends a few hours bashing head against desk::

methinks i'd be doing the world a great service by putting a bullet through the skull of every last person who isn't lackadaisical about the furry wankdom— i mean fandumb— i mean community. yeah, that's it.
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